¿Why is ergonomics important at schools?

Publicado el 24 Nov, 2022

Ergonomics in the classroom is of great importance for learning environment. It influences students’ physical health, their level of comfort and the activities development. That’s why it is highly recommended to use appropriate furniture when classrooms are designed.

 Physical student comfort in the classroom is decisive so students stay 9 daily hours at school, seated at their desks. But the fact is that many pupils, although the school is their workplace, are not given the opportunity to work using furniture suited to their age and height. That’s why ergonomics in the classroom is of great importance for learning environment.

 Educational centres regularly update their planning studies and pedagogies in order to meet the new standards of education. However, ergonomics in our schools leaves a great deal to be desired and today, many of them furnish with primary school seats, desks and chairs; schools should be more aware that this is one of the most crucial elements for learning environment. School furniture has to be adjusted to pupils, allow their movement and help them have a good posture when seated. All these factors have an important effect and students could have major positive development and learnings.

 School chairs are decisive in giving the pupils an ergonomic healthy posture; and above all, we should consider that children and young people grow constantly, that they have different heights and sizes. This also may help reducing anxiety. Students should sit having their feet firmly on floor and the back against the backrests.

There could be two main reasons why schools do not use ergonomic furniture: price, investment and durability. Many schools look for resistant furniture at a low price because pupils don’t always take care of it. When it happens, the ergonomic and functional positive aspects of the furniture cannot be functional.


How to choose the right school chair?

 Although ergonomics is important, school desks have to be functional. Nowadays, teachers and designers consider that classrooms have become active learning environments. This requires portable chairs (in terms of weight and design) and that pupils from all ages can be able to carry, organize, stack and put chairs away easily.



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  Mia Stool



 It’s important to move beyond the style of education known as “sit and listen” to get a new paradigm, where students and teachers are grouped and ungrouped, where they get involved and participate in the space together. Desks have to be adapted to what happens in the classroom in order to increase the performance and development of the group.

 Ergonomic furniture is not only designed for working areas. The necessity of ergonomic furniture is even more important in the schools because postural patterns start at early ages. Bad postures at an early age have terrible effects in the near future.

 School furniture is an environment factor that is gaining relevance because it’s having really major positive effects for children’s learnings and development. This is a great opportunity for schools and educative institutions to improve their learnings and the students’ compromise thanks to an appropriate school furniture.