The essentials of classroom desks for schools

Publicado el 20 Sep, 2022

Essentials for school classroom tables

How can we make sure that students have everything they need in their study place to achieve maximum well-being and motivation during learning? 


Good lighting

Having adequate lighting is very important while learning, as light can affect mood and concentration, both positively and negatively. 

Lights in a study area should mimic natural light as much as possible, which means the bulb cannot be too dim. Its saturation should be in the range between natural light and cool white (4000K to 6500K). Studying with lights of this brightness level allows you to feel more awake and prepared to assimilate information. 

Apart from ensuring productivity, proper lighting can also protect students’ eyes from harm, as studying in dim light can cause short-sightedness. 


  1. Comfortable seating

Having the right chair makes a world of difference when it comes to sitting at the classroom table for hours on end. As adults, we know the pain of sitting in an uncomfortable chair for long hours. 

Choosing the wrong chair can lead to poor sitting posture, which can negatively affect the spinal health of young people and children. 

Approved and ergonomic chairs by Mirplay are perfect in this case, as they have a design that promotes good posture. In addition, they are adjustable to adapt to the height of students as they grow over the years. 


  1. Functional study desk

Study desks may look similar, but having a functional study desk can help streamline classes and prevent unnecessary movement, minimizing loss of concentration. 

Before buying school classroom tables, make sure you have answered these questions:

Do students need a storage space? 

Are you going to use your electronic devices at the same table?

How old are the students? 

The homologation of school furniture ensures a good choice. These are our favourites: 

Naxel desk: