Learning to read by means of games

Publicado el 14 Nov, 2019

For adults it may seem that reading is an easy task. However, there are many children to whom developing this capacity, for whatever reason, it can be more difficult than to many of their peers. One of the reasons could be demotivation. We all know that a motivated child will learn faster. That’s why today, we bring you some recommendations or alternatives to traditional reading. Games in which children will gain an interest in reading and at the same time have a great time as they learn.

The hangman

Who doesn’t know the game hangman? Older people, children, uncles and grandparents have played the famous word guessing game. The game, for those who don’t know it, is designed for two or more players. One player thinks the word to be guessed by the other players. To make the game easier, the player who has thought the word, must place as many hyphens as letters have the word. Depending on the degree of difficulty you will add more or less letters at the beginning of the game. The game ends when the person has guessed the word or when the character “is hanged” because of the errors when guessing the letters. A fun game to be played in family with children, a perfect experience!

The importance of songs

In the same way as song lyrics are very useful for learning another language, they are also of great importance when it comes to acquiring vocabulary. There are many songs with the days of the week, the colors or the alphabet. Use the songs so that children begin to recognize lyrics and words.Niño jugando

Eating and learning is also possible

It has always been said that you can’t play while eating and also that you don’t play with your food… LET’S BREAK THE RULES! Occasionally, when cooking soup at home, using alphabet pasta can be a good time to read and learn. It will help them to create words and get acquainted with the letters almost without knowing.

Bingo is not only a game for adults

This activity consists of the classic bingo but with a small modification. To achieve the goal of improving the reading and learning of the alphabet, the numbers must be changed by letters or words.

The creativity offered by playdough

We have all enjoyed playing with playdough; older and younger people. Playdough is a stimulating and fabulous game that allows all those who use it, to let their imagination spark and create unimaginable shapes. In addition to fostering this creativity and improving your psychomotor skills, playdough can be a useful resource for creating funny letters to end up creating words.

Here are some ideas to encourage reading and motivate little ones to read and familiarize themselves with the alphabet and words.

We hope you enjoyed today’s blog!