Spaces that inspire

The social situation conditions the social change. It’s not a threat, it’s an opportunity for you to change.

 M. Montserrat del Pozo
common spaces
School should be a space where you must be comfortable at. A warm and friendly environment promotes affective safety and balanced personal development.
EDUCA 6-18

Multi-functional spaces to support independent learning. These environments stimulate the sense, experimentation and creativity, and that foster active, participatory, collaborative and dynamic learning.


A comfortable environment promotes outstanding teaching and learning. Our designs are beautiful, flexible and not only support academic studies but also promote positive wellbeing.

Spaces taht must work for all stakeholders to support a variety of activites.


Halls, corridors and libraries that can be interchangeable in breakout areas, offices, meeting and dining rooms.

One space…  

…multiples uses.


Spaces are tailored to reflect your need, your schools identity and individual teaching styles.

    3 x 1  |  Different solutions. Same elements