GAMIFICATION: 5 tools to hook your students

Publicado el 19 Aug, 2019

For many, today, gamification is still an unknown aspect or that can cause some type of rejection, either due to ignorance or fear of not obtaining the expected results. But what is gamification?

Gamification is a learning method in which the mechanics of games are transferred to the educational field in order to achieve the best results. It is a technique with which you want to achieve the absorption of knowledge, improve specific skills of students … through games.

Here are 5 tools to implement gamification in your teaching center:

1.Kahoot: It is a gamification tool that allows you to learn in a fun way. You can create quizs and start playing with all those who have the code to enter the game. With Kahoot, you can make ransins, capture on the screen the podium of people with more correct answers … etc.


2. Classdojo: It is a communication application that connects teachers with students and parents to build amazing classroom communities. Students can show their learning by adding photos and videos of their digital portfolios.

3. Play Brighter: This tool allows you to learn and keep moving through a game. The student must select a character with whom they want to move forward and overcome obstacles thanks to their correct answers. As he answers the questions asked by the teacher, his character will move forward until he exceeds the assigned mission.


4. Monster Kit: Gamification does not mean 100% technology. This is why we also bring a board game in which creative activities also have space. Children will have to draw, do calculations or write and read.


5. Arcademics: Online portal where different games are collected to play with other boys and girls. You also have the option to play with children from other educational centers. There are a lot of games where students can work the mental calculation or learn English.

There are many more options to incorporate new technologies and gamification in the day-to-day education. Another way to keep the little ones hooked and motivated. We hope you found it useful!

See you soon!