Publicado el 11 Jul, 2022

DEEPER LEARNING: What it is and how to apply it to your classroom

We discover the 6 key competencies of deeper learning


Do you know the basics of Deeper Learning? 

Maybe in the not too distant future it will revolutionize the world of education

 – Deeper Learning is the concept that is revolutionizing artificial intelligence.

– The use of Deeper Learning in automation begins to spread with satisfactory results.

– Deeper Learning can provide the key to introducing artificial intelligence into the classroom.

 Deeper Learning. You may have seen it in the science and technology section of some newspaper, or you may have heard it on radio shows. But do you have any idea what this is about?

 It is a form of learning designed for machines. This form of learning tries to emulate the way in which the human being assimilates knowledge, replicating in its algorithms a structure similar to that of the neural connections of the brain. Fascinating, isn’t it?

 When we speak of “new pedagogies” we are not only referring to methodological strategies, but to educational transformation tools capable of accelerating deeper learning, a global trend that is increasingly present in our centres.


But what is Deeper Learning? 

 Living up to its name, it is an educational approach that aims to enhance 6 competencies inside and outside the classroom. 

These skills are as follows:

  1. Mastery of basic skills.
  2. Critical thinking.
  3. Collaborative work.
  4. Effective communication
  5. Self-directed learning.
  6. A positive academic mindset based on trust and on value of what has been learned.

 Therefore, an educational institution that follows this approach organizes its school life by linking learning with the surrounding environment and the real challenges and problems. It also organizes its educational spaces to facilitate and dynamize the different moments that are required during learning and amplify the synergies that these generate.

 If we entered a classroom with Deeper Learning dynamics, we would see how students experience the transfer of learning with the desire to apply what they have learned in a new topic or situation.


Deeper Learning in the classroom could lead to a more efficient educational experience.

 What would happen if we optimized ICT in classrooms with Deeper Learning? With this combination we could create support tools for children’s learning. What would be the benefit?

 – An education adapted to the performance and abilities of each child. 

– In which each student would receive the contents according to their characteristics, but always with the aim of obtaining a good academic performance.

– Implementation of intelligent tutors with the guidance of the teacher.

 It is easy to imagine the dropout rate decreasing if this were to happen…