Creating a New Learning Framework- Mirplay School Furniture

Publicado el 4 Apr, 2022



Life often goes beyond the framework we create for it. At Mirplay School we listen to the needs of students and teachers when adapting new forms of learning to the spaces in which it takes place.


What is the school like in the 21st century?

Adapting to change is the best way to achieve an innovative school model. As educational programs evolve, so must educational spaces and school furniture to optimize them.

The educational community agrees that students need stimuli, freedom of movement, opportunities to participate in classes of different subjects and also multipurpose spaces in which to learn alternating or linking different dynamics.

Solutions need to be provided to create inspiring environments that foster the desire to learn and create. Welcoming, flexible, comfortable spaces that favour both interaction and introspection thanks to their versatility and adaptability.


What concepts do we take into account when referring to the design of innovative schools?

It is time to support change. 

Changing the school, its spaces, its distribution, the way of inhabiting it and relating in the learning spaces means supporting modern teaching methods. It means moving forward.

A good educational environment provides tangible benefits for both teachers and students. Innovative facilities open up new opportunities in education and boost the joy of learning.

Our experience tells us that there are 4 fundamental aspects to take into account when designing new learning spaces.



We create furniture to support modular educational spaces that encourage the spontaneity of the imagination, that foster movement, play, contemplation and reading.

Comfort is essential and it should be noted that good lighting, if possible natural light, has a direct positive impact on learning.

Reducing noise pollution has clear benefits. Acoustic panels and dividers allow multiple tasks to be carried out in the same space without acoustic interference.

Enabling and optimizing transit and open areas allow creating zones that support flexible learning.



The goal in the design of school furniture  is to create the environment that favours group work, based on projects and interdisciplinary, with flexible schedules and continuous assessment; where technology and sensory experience are the vehicle and happiness and the desire to learn from students are the purpose.

At Mirplay School we create spaces to facilitate learning in a natural way by helping to articulate a school with new structures that feed the creativity, attention and motivation of students.



We know that creativity is the cornerstone of any educational project that seeks to promote inclusive and collaborative learning capable of nurturing children’s education through introspection, exploration and discovery.



To respond to the transformation of the structure of the old school centred on classrooms to the school formed by hyper classrooms, it is necessary to understand what is going to happen in them and that the movement is something that must be promoted and not feared.



Large, open and flexible spaces that can be arranged to accommodate larger groups, that can be set at will for team or individual work, and allow for any temporal organization (the fourth dimension of hyperspace) that is neither fragmented nor simultaneous, inside and outside the centre.



Spaces that allow a smooth transition from face-to-face to digital and between the different media and their forms (audio, video, image, text).



Augmented, virtual, 3D, immersive. Simulations with technology that allows experimentation, with an increasing learning potential and infinitely superior to printed representation (books, maps …).



In a world that is generally designed according to adults, it is quite fun to raise a new point of view and play with different dimensions. Why not create spaces to build a range of infinite possibilities where anything can happen and where everyone, students and teachers, is included?

Shall we create the happy school that accompanies the student?