How to correctly choose the sizes of chairs and tables in a classroom?

Publicado el 9 Jun, 2022


The classroom is one of our most important workplaces. With ergonomic furniture, the classroom becomes a positive working environment with learning and personal development at the centre. It is about creating a varied and flexible environment that supports the different needs and abilities of both students and teachers.



The right combination of desk and chair is important for the student to sit correctly. Fixed or adjustable desks in combination with the appropriate chair, preferably adjustable in height, offer comfort to the body and increase the student’s concentration.

Encouraging work standing or sitting on high stools, alternating with sitting on chairs, is not only healthy for students, but also improves the ergonomics of the workplace for teachers by reducing the time they have to stand leaning over desks.

Choosing the right furniture can also improve workplace ergonomics for the rest of school staff. Chairs that can be hung from desks make cleaning easier and flexible furniture with castors, or stackable chairs, usually make it easier for the caretaker or the school group to work when there is a need to rearrange learning spaces.

Versatility is a particularly important quality, both in desks and chairs and in separating cabinets or stands, when creating a classroom that supports the learning process and in which the interior design can adapt to the activities in progress at any time.



The key is to choose a desk specially developed for the school environment and with different height ranges. Diversity is also contemplated to adapt to the development and growth of students in the same group. Furniture that adapts to different bodies is friendlier to everyone.

In addition, it should also be noted that an adjustable desk allows it to be adapted to the appropriate height for sitting or standing work and this also contributes to facilitating the different dynamics in the same space. 

It should also be taken into account that the choice of desk is important for sound ergonomics, since noise is what is perceived as most annoying in a class. Desks with linoleum tops or soundproof and resistant laminate, chipboard and cork tops are good choices from an acoustic point of view. You can also choose to install acoustic panels, an economical and very effective solution, in rooms with poor acoustics.

Mobile desks can take different shapes and fit together to form team work tables thanks to the castors integrated in the legs. It is important that their material facilitates the movement without noise and effort so as not to alter the dynamics of the group. 

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The right chair is crucial for students to adopt a working position that does not impair body posture. The chair should be chosen according to the age of the students and, ideally, it should be adjustable, so that the students themselves can adjust the height of the chair in relation to the desk, according to their individual needs. In addition, if possible, it is better to choose a chair with an inclination that accompanies the natural of the body. Such a chair encourages natural movement, which means that students feel more comfortable, free and supported to concentrate better. 

When we lean forward on a desk or bench, our feet tend to swing backward. Therefore, it is recommended that high school chairs have a footrest both in front and behind the seat to relieve tension. It is preferable for the footrest to be adjustable in height to adapt to all students.

The seat depth of the chair should also be adjusted to the correct height. If the front edge of the seat is in front of the knee crease, the seat is too deep, and the student is forced to sit with their legs stretched or to slide forward on their buttocks, resulting in a rounded back. If the seat depth is too short, the legs do not receive enough support. The correct seat depth is achieved by choosing a chair suitable for students of the right age.