Mirplay is a family-run business established in 2002. Our company is dedicated to manufacture school, hair salon and nursery furniture, as well as, children’s play-center and libraries. Since then, MirPlay has become one of the main manufacturers and suppliers for school and hair salon furniture. Our growth is the result of our constant effort to be constantly innovating. Also, it is thanks to the culture of the design and proximity with our customers. 


Mirplay designs, manufactures and commercializes school furniture for all ages and hair salon furniture for hairdressers and beauty salons, while attending the needs and ideas of our customers. In order to offer the latest products at affordable prices we rely on the personal and professional growth of our human team.


Our goal is to become one of the main furniture companies of the sector. Mirplay differentiates itself for its capacity to adapt to the markets needs and requirements while being pioneers and offering a cutting edge design and new tendencies. We provide our customers high quality products at affordable prices.

Mirplay chooses to have a steady growth in Research and Development. Mirplay’s international presence is growing by the day; we currently have customers all around Europe, Middle East, Africa and our own offices in Mexico.


Values are necessary to produce and grow in favor of progress and development. In Mirplay, we define our values as basic and essential for our customers and our human team.


Our human team and its teamwork are essential in our Company, for that reason, we appreciate and value the talent and the effort. We choose to make everyone feel involved while promoting a positive attitude and improving communication. These values are part of our philosophy, in order to maintain a good professional environment. It is clearly the key element of our success. We teach, inspire and promote proactivity, and we also stimulate communication and effective open interaction.



Our customers are our living: they call for high standards and guiding, advice and the accomplishment of their projects and wishes. Our R+D department works full time for giving support to innovative projects and to provide solutions adapted to the demand.


The vision of sustainable development exceeds the accomplishment of environmental regulations, utilization of recyclable materials or human resources policies. Our goal is to achieve a balance between social, economic and human dimensions, in order to ensure our production while preserving the environment. 



Our products are designed and manufactured in compliance with the correspondent regulations. Regulation of standards:

Chairs and tables for learning centers. UNE EN 1729-1: 07 / UNE EN 1729-2: 07. Dimensions, safety features and test methods.

According to furniture specifications UNE 56.843: 01. UNE – EN 71-3: 94 Migration of metallic elements.

Mirplay certifies its products in internationally well-known laboratories (AIDIMA).

Associate number: 1646