5 tips to go back to school!

Publicado el 10 Sep, 2019

September begins, temperatures drop and holidays, for students and teachers also come to an end. They arrive leaving behind smiles, tears, fun, boredom, sun, whole days of beach and rainy summer afternoons.

The time to return to the routine and start the new school year with the batteries charged has come! Today we bring you 5 essential things that you cannot miss in your return to school and make it a success:


1. Notepad / Agenda

As always when starting a new course we swear, and we are very clear that this is going to be the year in which we will have everything organized. Obviously, as every year happens, this organization disappears after two weeks. Torn sheets, crossed out papers, etc. That is why, carrying a small agenda / notebook will help you keep everything in order: tasks to be developed, delivery dates, etc. Do not forget the agenda and … Get organized!

2. Get your case ready!

We all have that friend / partner who always asks us for a pen, pencil or rubber. Do not be like him and carry a case with all the material you need: pen, pencil, rubber, fluorescent marker, ruler, scissors, etc.




3. Health is first

Mens sana in corpore sano. We believe that in order to have optimal performance, food is essential. Therefore, if you want to do your best in school (whether you are a teacher or a student) it is essential to bring a bottle of water to stay hydrated, as well as to be able to eat a healthy snack between class and class to keep up with the frenetic pace.

4. Back to routine

After months of holidays, flexibility in the schedules and late bedtime, now it is time to get up early and as a result, go to bed early. Get used to going to sleep earlier and leaving things ready at night before bedtime. This will make the moment more bearable when the alarm sounds earlier than usual.

5. Reinvent yourself

This year is yours. Take advantage of this new course to turn it into your moment, to grow personally and get to know yourself better. Become the person you have always wanted to be. Set yourself challenges and set goals you want to reach.


And now we can only wish you the best of beginnings for this course. Let’s enjoy it!