5 activities to keep learning on summer

Publicado el 5 Aug, 2019

First month of vacations it’s over for boys and girls. Lots of hours playing with Friends in the swimming pool, at the park or at the beach. Unconsciously, we do follow a routine during summer months; a routine with plenty of activities that we aren’t available to follow during teaching period.

Today be bring you 5 different activities to let you keep learning and have fun on summer, with friends or family! Do you want to discover them?


A large number of children do not have too much contact with nature, and this, in addition to offering them the possibility of closely observing animal and plant life, brings them a great benefit. In the case that it is not possible to move to a rural area or make excursions to the countryside, a good activity can be to set up an urban garden to bring nature home to the little ones.


In summer, a very hot season. What better way to enjoy with the little ones surrounded by water? A magnificent water balloon war with friends or family, getting wet with the hose or going out to the park to play with friends with a couple of water guns to cool off … They are some of the most fun and economical options!



Learning to cook is a very useful process for life! Help the little ones to take their first steps in the kitchen. In addition of being a good time to share with parents, siblings, uncles or grandparents, it is also an activity that will allow them to learn mathematical concepts such as weight, volume or units of measure! This exercise could also change their conception of food. For the little ones, cooking is also playing, learning and for the older ones; A way to educate.


Cinema is a source of culture and knowledge that allows the development of children. When the heat squeezes on the hottest days of summer, family cinema is a great option. In addition, it is a good time to instill and transmit values to the little ones through the movies.


It is an activity in which you can buy or craft a notebook. The idea is that, while practicing writing and calligraphy, the little ones can capture all their summer experiences. Activities, excursions, family reunions, evenings with friends, etc. These experiences and memories can be accompanied by images or small objects related to the experience described.

These are our 5 activities to help you learn and have fun during summer holidays! Enjoy, learn and have fun! Happy summer!