The 4 most important qualities of any school chair

Publicado el 23 May, 2022



Choosing the right plastic chairs for school classrooms can be a very important investment. There are 4 qualities to consider. Here is what we recommend keeping in mind when making this investment:


1. Comfort

Comfort is an essential aspect in any high use chair that can sometimes be forgotten or overlooked.
However, even with a tight budget, you can choose a chair with exceptional comfort if you know what to look for. For example, has the chair been found to facilitate good posture? Or does it take into account the natural movement of the students?



In any intensive use environment, especially in schools, colleges and universities, a plastic chair must be sturdy. So how do you know if the chair you are choosing will be strong enough to withstand the rigors of its particular use? Does the chair have any fixings?
Frame thickness and the test certificates should be thoroughly checked.


3. Functionality

The last piece of the puzzle is functionality. Are the chosen plastic school chairs functional for the environment in which they are to be used? The best way to answer this question is simply by asking yourself the following:
– Who’s going to use the chair?
– What will it be used for? (To sit, obviously, but in what situation.)
– When will it be used and for how long?
– Should it be easy to move?
– Will you need to store it?

Here are a few examples:

ZTOOL: Mesa escolar portátil

Mia Table: School chair


4. Size and height of school chairs

The right combination of desk and chair is important for the student to sit properly and take care of their natural body posture. Fixed or adjustable desks in combination with the appropriate chair, preferably height-adjustable, offer comfort to the body and increase the student’s concentration.

Choosing the right size depends on several factors, so you can read more in our post: How to correctly choose the sizes of chairs and tables in a classroom?



It is advisable to try the furniture before making an investment. Talking to the supplier or manufacturer and requesting a sample helps clear up doubts. Check that the chair has the relevant test certificates and consider how (under what circumstances, space and people) it will be used.